Second Saturday Shakedown featuring Annie Kyla Bennett

ChlorophyllWe’re getting really excited for our April Artist of the month! This Saturday April 12th from 5-8pm there will be an opening reception for Lumen Alchemy: Allegorical Medicine featuring the original art of Annie Kyla Bennett.  Her work speaks volumes not only for her individual artistic experience, but it is a physical manifestation of the lived rhythmic experience. Annie is a live painter of the Asheville area who finds her greatest inspiration from the breathing organism that is a live musical experience. As sound waves travel from the instrumentalists to the members of the crowd, it evolves into a totally unique experience for each individual listener. For many listeners it is movement that manifests, but for Annie, a greater ambition develops from her mindful listening. Her paintings reflect an interconnection with universal truths that chime through musical manifestations at a frequency that is out of reach to most humans. Good thing we have Annie to bring it all down to Earth for us! Don’t miss out on her work, featured at The Circle from April 12th through May 9th. Check out our FB event page here!

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