The Wonderful World of Lindsay Bryant Hoyes

When it comes to the beautiful and talented Lindsay Bryant Hoyes, I have so much more than words at any given moment. Lindsay is probably the sweetest lady you will ever have the pleasure to meet- her smile radiates like sunshine and her giggle is probably the cutest thing I have ever encountered. Not only is Lindsay one of the most loving and true friends that anyone could ever ask for, but Lindsay Bryant Hoyes- above all things- is an artist. From fabric to beads and paper to glass, Lindsay is the most versatile and resourceful Asheville artist that we have in The Circle. I don’t think I have ever met someone with as much drive to make and shape and cut and create as Lindsay. Her heart is in the stitches of every piece of clothing she has ever created and every paper flower she has ever folded and glued together. Fabric and paper have always been Lindsay’s greatest calling, and you can find her cutting petals and pinning patterns during all of those moments that the rest of us take to decompress and do nothing. I swear she can’t go a minute without adding to one creation or another, building beautiful pieces that will hang on walls for generations, or be worn to death and handed down from sister to sister. For the last three years, under the expert guidance of her incredibly talented husband, Lindsay has been pursuing a career in lampworking. She’s worked so hard to get to where she is now, and to her present moment with glass I must say: WOW!

From experience I can say that glass is a tremendously difficult art to learn- it’s tedious and demanding and all together frustrating a majority of the time. Glass blowing takes years of dedication; it’s a commitment to failing over and over again before you can ever succeed. Spending the day behind a torch is physically demanding and mentally exhausting, it’s incredibly hard work that one must be FULLY DEDICATED to in order to ever get anywhere- and don’t let anyone tell you differently. But Lindsay has really given her all to the art of glass, she’s spent the last three years honing in on her skills and she has reached a level where she is able to express that incredibly creative inner spirit through her work. She’s all rainbows and black & white bubbles on the inside, I swear- and her most recent work really reveals that playfulness, that inner child that puffs up with love at every mention of a kitten, a crow, or a black four leafed clover. I feel Lindsay’s heart in every polar bear rig, every cat spoon, and every glass bird she creates. You tell Lindsay to “Put a bird on it,” and oh will she! Birds and hearts and little paw prints- she has the entire baby animal kingdom covered. You can’t help but smile and “Awww!” at the sight of some of her glass, it really is an honor and a treat to have some of her beautiful pieces in the shop. If you haven’t yet, you should come down to 426 Haywood Rd. and catch a glimpse into the Wonderful World of Lindsay Bryant Hoyes. We’ve got it all- dresses, tank tops, rigs, spoons, bubblers, bracelets, wall art- you name it, Lindsay has her own take on it. I have nothing but love and admiration for Lindsay, as she is the most creative and beautiful human being I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you Lindsay, for supporting The Circle with all of your heart and artistic soul! But mostly thank you for being beautiful, loving, and caring YOU! <3 <3 <3


We love you Lindsay!

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