Bath Salts Are Bad, Mmmkay?

Why The Circle Asheville never has, and never will, sell bath salts or any other synthetic drugs.

by Shannon Covart.

Did you know that The Circle is the ONLY head shop in Asheville that has never sold any kind of  synthetic drugs?  Being a small, independent, locally owned store I could make in a day what I make all month long if I started to sell this poison. But I genuinely love people, so I don’t. I struggle to make ends meet, but I can sleep at night knowing I’m not causing harm and destroying lives. I get free samples in the mail every week with literature about how much money I could be making. I throw that crap in the garbage, but I could sell it for $35-$50 a pop. (Hey Zombies, stay out of my TRASH!) Sometimes these bath salt seeking people are waiting for me to open my doors, I recognize their crazed look right away, and I send them away before I even open my doors. I’m actually concerned about the welfare of my employees, I don’t want them to have to deal with these people. We get calls all day long, mostly from Tennessee where its illegal, asking for these products. A little online research will quickly fill you with horror stories. This stuff is completely unregulated, its marked “Not for Human Consumption”. Tests have shown that one pack can have anywhere from 20 milligrams to 20,000 milligrams of MDPV, a common chemical in this stuff. This is why one person can have a mild effect and the next can end up in the psych ward. Side effects include horrible hallucinations, super human strength that makes you feel invincible, suicide, trying to rip off your own body parts, severe paranoia, & zombie-like tenancies. Other long lasting, maybe permanent effects, are a lot like having Parkinson’s. Do a little research, ask any law enforcement or ER worker what they are seeing, or stand outside the Octopus Garden at 10am, right when they open their doors. Please don’t try this stuff! Make some hippie, artsy, music loving friends and go natural. Stay safe and know that The Circle loves you. Check out this article for a overview. Click here: PBS News “Bath Salts” Peace & Love!


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